Toasted Seed Mix



Posted May 5, 2022 (Last updated May 5, 2022)



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Chef Benjamin Sukle makes this sweet-salty seed mix at his restaurant Birch in Providence, RI. After toasting the seeds until fragrant, he sprinkles powdered sugar over them, which gradually melts, coating the ...


  • Anise seeds icon
    Anise seeds1 tablespoonseeds of
  • Black sesame seeds icon
    Black sesame seeds1 tablespoon
  • Poppy seeds icon
    Poppy seeds1 tablespoon
  • Sunflower seeds icon
    Sunflower seeds1 tablespoon
  • Sesame seeds icon
    Sesame seeds1 tablespoon
  • Coriander seeds icon
    Coriander seeds1 teaspoon
  • Cumin seeds icon
    Cumin seeds1 teaspoon
  • Powdered sugar icon
    Powdered sugar3 tablespoons

  • 1. Line a clean baking sheet with parchment paper
  • 2. Add anise seeds, black sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, coriander seeds and cumin seeds to a clean medium bowl
  • 3. Mix together and transfer them to the frying pan
  • 4. Cook - 3 min, medium heat
  • 5. Add sugar and cook until sugar has dissolved - high heat
  • 6. Spread the seeds out in a single layer on the baking sheet to cool
  • 7. Season to taste
  • 8. Let cool completely

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