Hazelnut Poppy Seed Torte



Posted 5 May 2022 (Last updated 5 May 2022)



Total Time

1hrs 20mins



Easy torte with hazelnuts, poppy seeds and ricotta, topped with toasted hazelnuts and hazelnut chocolate spread. Use our Hazelnut Chocolate Spread recipe to make your own delicious topping!


  • Egg white icon
    Egg white4
  • Salted butter icon
    Salted butter120 groom temperature
  • Granulated sugar icon
    Granulated sugar120 g
  • Egg yolk icon
    Egg yolk4
  • Orange icon
    Orange1 ½zest of
  • Ricotta cheese icon
    Ricotta cheese120 g
  • Poppy seeds icon
    Poppy seeds2 tablespoons
  • Hazelnut meal icon
    Hazelnut meal120 g
  • Hazelnut chocolate spread icon
    Hazelnut chocolate spreadas needed
  • Hazelnuts icon
    Hazelnuts150 gtoasted, coarsely chopped

  • 1. Prepare a clean round pan with parchment paper
  • 2. Pre-heat oven - 190°C / 375°F
  • 3. Add egg white to a clean large mixing bowl
  • 4. Whisk until stiff peaks form
  • 5. Add salted butter and granulated sugar to a clean large mixing bowl
  • 6. Cream together until smooth
  • 7. Add egg yolk, orange, ricotta cheese, poppy seeds and hazelnut meal to the batter
  • 8. Mix until combined
  • 9. Transfer egg whites to batter and fold together until just combined
  • 10. Transfer batter to round pan
  • 11. Bake until skewer tests clean - 25 min, 190°C / 375°F
  • 12. Spread with hazelnut chocolate spread
  • 13. Sprinkle with hazelnuts
  • 14. Sprinkle with orange

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