Marinade for Halloumi



Posted 5 April 2022 (Last updated 18 May 2022)



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Grilled halloumi is best eaten straight off the barbecue. It's melty and soft inside with a delicious char on the outside. This yogurt-herb marinade adds an even more Mediterranean flavor.


  • Halloumi icon
    Halloumi400 gsliced
  • Cumin seeds icon
    Cumin seeds1 tablespoon
  • Coriander seeds icon
    Coriander seeds2 tablespoons
  • Black peppercorns icon
    Black peppercorns1 teaspoon
  • Chili flakes icon
    Chili flakes½ teaspoon
  • Salt icon
    Salt1 pinch
  • Mint leaves icon
    Mint leaves3 tablespoonschopped
  • Plain yogurt icon
    Plain yogurt150 g
  • Water icon
    Water60 g

  • 1. Add cumin, coriander and peppercorns to a dry frying pan and toast - medium heat
  • 2. Crush toasted spices with mortar and pestle or use a spice grinder
  • 3. Transfer crushed spices to a medium glass bowl
  • 4. Add chili flakes, salt, mint leaves, plain yogurt and water
  • 5. Mix everything together
  • 6. Add halloumi to the mixture
  • 7. Cover with plastic wrap
  • 8. Chill in fridge
  • 9. Cook on a hot grill - leave for 2-3 minutes then flip

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