Pulled Pork Cottage Pie


Tenina Holder

Posted June 19, 2020 (Last updated June 13, 2022)



Total Time

1hrs 20mins



When you need comfort food there is nothing quite as comforting as creamy mashed potatoes on top of delicious pulled pork. Grill on! Cheese on! DONE.

Serve with steamed greens of choice


  • Potato icon
    Potato1 kgpeeled, coarsely chopped
  • Small sweet potato icon
    Small sweet potato2peeled, cubed
  • Butternut pumpkin icon
    Butternut pumpkin½peeled, cubed
  • Carrot icon
    Carrot2peeled, cubed
  • Butter icon
    Butter50 gmelted
  • Milk icon
    Milk100 gwarm
  • Cheese icon
    Cheese100 ggrated
  • Water icon
    Water1 L
  • Pink himalayan salt flakes icon
    Pink himalayan salt flakes2 pinches
  • Black pepper icon
    Black pepperas needed
  • Pulled pork icon
    Pulled pork500 g

  • 1. Pre-heat oven - 180°C
  • 2. Set aside a large baking dish or 2 smaller ones
  • 3. Add water to the TM5 bowl
  • 4. Add potato to the varoma dish
  • 5. Add small sweet potato, butternut pumpkin and carrot to the varoma tray
  • 6. Steam 20 min/Varoma/speed 4
  • 7. Remove the tray of vegetables
  • 8. Continue cooking the potatoes a further 15 min/Varoma/speed 4
  • 9. Check the potatoes are fully cooked after 35 minutes
  • 10. Let them dry out by emptying the Thermomix bowl and resting the Varoma dish on top for 10 minutes
  • 11. Place potatoes, melted butter, salt and pepper into the Thermomix bow
  • 12. Mash with the help of the spatula 30 sec/speed 5
  • 13. Pour in warm milk a little at a time through the hole in lid
  • 14. Mix - 30 sec, speed 5
  • 15. Insert Butterfly and whip 30 sec/speed 4
  • 16. Add pulled pork to a clean baking dish
  • 17. Stir the sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin in to the pulled pork and mix
  • 18. Top with mashed potato, spread and sprinkle with grated cheese
  • 19. Bake for 20 minutes or until cheese has browned and the meat is sizzling
  • 20. Serve with steamed greens of choice

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