Turmeric Galangal Fish Curry


Tenina Holder

Posted May 8, 2020 (Last updated January 12, 2022)



Total Time




This is SO simple. It really takes very little time to be sitting down to the most fragrant and vibrant curry ever. You can sub out the fish for chicken if you wish.


  • Galangal icon
    Galangal50 gpeeled, finely chopped
  • Lemongrass stalk icon
    Lemongrass stalk2white parts, peeled
  • Shallot icon
  • Whitefish filet icon
    Whitefish filet800 gcut into bite-size cubes
  • White rice icon
    White riceas neededsteamed
  • Lime icon
    Limeas neededcut into wedges
  • Fresh chili icon
    Fresh chilias neededfinely sliced
  • Fresh turmeric icon
    Fresh turmeric50 g
  • Garlic clove icon
    Garlic clove6
  • Shrimp paste icon
    Shrimp paste40 g
  • Fresh chili icon
    Fresh chili2large
  • Extra virgin olive oil icon
    Extra virgin olive oil50 g
  • Coconut cream icon
    Coconut cream400 g
  • Chicken stock icon
    Chicken stock200 g
  • Fish sauce icon
    Fish sauce60 g
  • Coconut sugar icon
    Coconut sugar50 g
  • Kaffir lime leaves icon
    Kaffir lime leaves6
  • Cilantro icon
    Cilantroas needed

  • 1. Add galangal, fresh turmeric, garlic clove, lemongrass stalk, shallot, shrimp paste, fresh chili and extra virgin olive oil to the TM5 bowl
  • 2. Blend with MC on - 10 sec, speed 6
  • 3. Saute 8 min/speed 1/MC off
  • 4. Blend with MC on - 30 sec, speed 8
  • 5. Scrape down sides of TM5 bowl
  • 6. Add coconut cream, chicken stock, fish sauce, coconut sugar and kaffir lime leaves to the TM5 bowl
  • 7. Cook - 8 min, 100°C, speed 1
  • 8. Then add whitefish filet to the TM5 bowl
  • 9. Cook - 2 min, 100°C, reverse speed 1
  • 10. Keep the curry hot and allow the fish to finish cooking in the hot sauce
  • 11. Serve with steamed rice and all the garnishes to taste

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