Strawberries and Rice Cream Smoothie


Tenina Holder

Posted April 5, 2022 (Last updated April 5, 2022)



Total Time




The perfect dairy free, gluten free shake to start of any morning or after school. Serve chilled for best flavor.


  • Water icon
    Water600 gcold
  • Brown rice icon
    Brown rice200 g
  • Water icon
    Water500 gfor steaming
  • Strawberries icon
    Strawberries250 g
  • Vanilla bean paste icon
    Vanilla bean paste2 teaspoons
  • Pink himalayan salt flakes icon
    Pink himalayan salt flakes1 pinch
  • Maple syrup icon
    Maple syrup50 g

  • 1. Place rice into simmering basket and rinse
  • 2. Insert basket into Thermomix bowl and pour over 500g of steaming water
  • 3. Steam rice - 30 min, 100°C, speed 4
  • 4. Remove rice to cool and drain bowl
  • 5. Return cooled rice to the Thermomix bowl with 500g cold water
  • 6. Blend with MC in place 2 min, speed 10
  • 7. Strain through nut milk bag and discard solids
  • 8. Return rice milk to the Thermomix bowl and add strawberries, vanilla bean paste, pink Himalayan salt flakes, maple syrup and water
  • 9. Blend with MC in place 30 sec, speed 10
  • 10. Serve

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