Brown Soda Bread


Siofra F.

Posted April 6, 2022 (Last updated April 1, 2022)



Total Time

1hrs 10mins



A delicious one-bowl traditional Irish soda bread. Try experimenting by adding different seeds and grains to the mix. The bread can be frozen whole or in slices.


  • Whole wheat flour icon
    Whole wheat flour450 g
  • All purpose flour icon
    All purpose flour50 g
  • Salt icon
    Salt1 teaspoon
  • Caster sugar icon
    Caster sugar1 teaspoon
  • Baking soda icon
    Baking soda1 teaspoonsifted
  • Wheat germ icon
    Wheat germ15 g
  • Pin head oats icon
    Pin head oats25 g
  • Rolled oats icon
    Rolled oats40 g
  • Buttermilk icon
    Buttermilk500 ml

  • 1. Pre-heat oven - 200°C
  • 2. Add whole wheat flour, all purpose flour, salt, caster sugar, baking soda, wheat germ, pin head oats and rolled oats to a clean large mixing bowl
  • 3. Mix until combined
  • 4. Add buttermilk to the mixture
  • 5. Mix until well combined
  • 6. Transfer mixture to loaf pan and gently pat into pan
  • 7. Bake until hollow-sounding when tapped - 55 min, 200°C
  • 8. Transfer onto cooling rack until cool

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