Pecan Buckwheat Pancakes


Tenina Holder

Posted January 16, 2019 (Last updated April 29, 2022)



Total Time




Despite the name, buckwheat is gluten-free and suitable for anyone with gluten intolerance or coeliac disease. These chunky, fluffy Thermomix pancakes have a nutty flavor on their own, and here are topped with ...


  • Pecan pieces icon
    Pecan pieces40 gshelled
  • Cacao nibs icon
    Cacao nibsas neededroasted
  • Gluten-free oats icon
    Gluten-free oats120 g
  • Buckwheat groats icon
    Buckwheat groats120 g
  • Cinnamon bark essential oil icon
    Cinnamon bark essential oilas needed
  • Baking powder icon
    Baking powder1 teaspoon
  • Pink himalayan salt flakes icon
    Pink himalayan salt flakes1 pinch
  • Banana icon
  • Egg icon
  • Vanilla bean paste icon
    Vanilla bean paste2 teaspoons
  • Maple syrup icon
    Maple syrup30 g
  • Coconut milk icon
    Coconut milk250 g
  • Extra virgin olive oil icon
    Extra virgin olive oilas needed
  • Maple syrup icon
    Maple syrupas needed
  • Mixed berries icon
    Mixed berriesas needed
  • Shredded coconut icon
    Shredded coconutas needed
  • Coconut cream icon
    Coconut creamas needed

  • 1. Add gluten-free oats, buckwheat flour, 4 drops of cinnamon bark essential oil (or 1 tsp ground cinnamon), baking powder and sea salt to the TM5 bowl
  • 2. Mill with MC fitted - 10 sec, speed 10
  • 3. Then add banana, egg, vanilla bean paste, maple syrup and coconut milk to the mixture
  • 4. Blend with MC fitted - 20 sec, speed 6
  • 5. Then add pecan pieces to the mixture
  • 6. Mix - 10 sec, gentle stir
  • 7. Stir through the pecans by hand or with spatula. then set aside
  • 8. Pre-heat a clean frying pan - 5 min, medium heat
  • 9. Brush with extra virgin olive oil
  • 10. Fry pancakes one at a time, turning very carefully. They are quite delicate until flipped, so be careful. Add more oil as needed and cook them all
  • 11. Serve stacked with all the fillings, to keep them dairy free use the coconut cream, but you could also use sour cream, or Greek yoghurt to dress them as well

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