Kale, Apple and Walnut Salad


Tenina Holder

Posted March 10, 2021 (Last updated December 21, 2021)



Total Time




A truly delicious salad that's ready in minutes with the Thermomix. The salty umami from the toasted walnuts and prosciutto is countered with an explosion of sweetness from the apples and maple syrup. Kale is o...


  • Kale icon
    Kale170 gtrimmed
  • Pink lady apple icon
    Pink lady apple2cored, finely sliced
  • Walnuts icon
    Walnuts100 gshelled
  • Lemon icon
    Lemon2juice of
  • Maple syrup icon
    Maple syrup25 g
  • Extra virgin olive oil icon
    Extra virgin olive oil25 g
  • Dijon mustard icon
    Dijon mustard2 teaspoons
  • Prosciutto icon

  • 1. Line a clean baking sheet with parchment paper
  • 2. Add walnuts to the baking sheet
  • 3. Bake until toasted - 10 min, 200°C
  • 4. let cool
  • 5. Transfer one third of the nuts to TM5 bowl
  • 6. Add lemon, maple syrup, extra virgin olive oil and dijon mustard to the TM5 bowl
  • 7. Blend with MC in place - approx 10 sec, speed 10
  • 8. Then add the kale to the TM5 bowl
  • 9. Chop with MC in place - approx 4 sec, speed 5
  • 10. Then add the remaining kale to the TM5 bowl
  • 11. Chop with MC in place - approx 3 sec, speed 5
  • 12. Remove from bowl into a large serving bowl and repeat until all the kale is chopped
  • 13. Add pink lady apple to the salad
  • 14. Add prosciutto to a clean frying pan
  • 15. Fry in frying pan until crispy - medium-high heat
  • 16. Cool before crumbling over the top of the salad
  • 17. Garnish with remaining toasted walnuts

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